29-10-2014 22:49

I was alive. That was a thought that regularly occurred me when I started thinking to much about my life. I am alive. The only thing that matters and my obligation was to make it worthy. I couldn't let go a chance to live. I mean, how many people lost that chance and keep loosing it by being afraid of having such an opportunity?
I kept waiting, for my muse , my godess. My brushes standing on my hand while I stare at your image, your curves coloured by the paint. Looking to your smile , kind of smile someone would fall for in seconds and it was here in front of me, reproduced through the desire that ran through my veins, going to my fingers. My body could sense you, your essence was so intense that just your body made me smile and dream.
I miss it. I miss your smile running with the wind spreading all around me, I miss your voice colouring my days, making my mind relax for a bit. I miss your laugh...oh that laugh! I used to call you just to made you laugh.
My words are spread through the wall of my life, through the story of your dreams. My happiness is conquered every day with a simple smile. And on that, I will not give up